Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bright Skies, Warm Days.

Hello There!!

It's currently 12:52 as I start writing this. I've had a Rockstar energy drink WAY too close to bedtime.

I'll be exhausted in the morning, but I'll worry about that later.

Since this is my first post, I'm going to tell you a little about who I am, more like who WE are! 

It's not just me, it's my fiance and son too. Where would I be without these two? Lord only knows.

I'm Amanda, I'm 20 years old , born November 30th. I adore photography and being outside. I work as an assistant manager in an upscale tanning salon in Rochester, NY! I'm originally from Ohio and moved here last september!

Okay, enough about me, you'll learn more as I post. Let's get down to the one's who make me whole.

I recently got engaged to my best friend, sons father and other half! His name is Christopher and he is 25! We met in Virginia Beach a couple years ago,
but he is from here in Rochester, NY!
 He works as an Operations Supervisor with Fedex, Loves to work out and spends his free time with our baby boy! 

Our son, Christian, was born May 8th, 2013 at 10:46 am, 8lb 6oz! That makes him ONE! This past year has flown. He loves bubbles, owls, baths, swimming, animals, dancing with mommy and wrestling with daddy! He's a complete daddys boy, but he knows mommys rule ... "Always kiss your mom!" , and he abides by it. Let's hope it continues through the years. Mommy loves kisses from her baby. He loves any kind of food, and boy does he eat! He's our pride and joy. 

We have three pet rats. Yes, you read that right... RATS.
They are such affectionate, sweet pets and great first pets for our little man.
My style of parenting isn't "crunchy", but it isn't the complete opposite either.
We just do what works best for us. He was breast fed until he started weaning himself at 
eight months old. I baby carried for a while, but he's such a big boy, he's too heavy for me
to anymore! We don't give him any sweets, besides fruit. (Of course we made
an exception for his first birthday!) We use disposable diapers, but a year
later and we are considering cloth diapering! Very excited to start that.
He did led feeding and absolutely loves to feed himself and try new foods. 
We co slept the first 6 months, now he only wants his crib.
Which is a good thing, I suppose, but I miss those sweet, sweet cuddles.

Why did you choose "Snips, Snails and Turquoise nails?"
Well, Honestly, That's what first came to mind.
Have you ever heard the saying "Snips, snails and puppy dog tails...that's what 
little boys are made of"?  Well, I thought of that because of Christian, but
it has to include me too. My favorite color is Turquoise and my nails 
are currently painted that color! "Nails" so happens to rhyme with "tails"...

That's the jist of it, but I know you'll learn more and more 
as you continue to read my posts.

Thanks for reading!

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